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Alan Kay

“There aren't any parents around to take care of childish adults. We are it. So we need to grow up and take responsibility for our world, and the first actions should be to try to understand our actual situations.”

“Yes re: FPGAs – they are definitely the modern placeholder of microcode (and better because you can organize how the computation and state are hooked together). The old culprit – Intel – is now offering hybrid chips with both an ARM and a good size patch of FPGA – combine this with a decent memory architecture (in many ways the hidden barrier these days) and this is a pretty good basis for comprehensive new designs”

“Re: What's today's Alto? – That's an important question! I don't know the answer, but I think it would be something that included FPGAs – Intel has been making interesting hybrid chips that combine an ARM variant with a lot of FPGA real estate, and that would likely be a good basis.”

Henry Thoreau

“We become the tools of our tools”

Loris Malaguzzi

“Ecology is the alphabet of the future”

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