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if food was like software ? People would not have their own kitchen (smalltalk, forth) but have a kitchen of one of two megabrands (apple, android) but will be obliged to order ingredients from a unique store or even eat things they buy who has been made for them directly, maybe it will be free but they will pay with tracking (google, facebook). This is already happening for seeds and in industrial / collective food context.

action-research & learning lang reflexive study (steps, i study how people study themselves, self-study, exaptation)

seminal video of hommage to Seymour Papert (mitch, marvin, alan, nicholas) → what would a 20 y.o. seymour do? new way of learning not just technology

Theatre de guignol encourages children to participate in the story (behind you guignol!!), this agentivity (or agency) of the spectator is similar to a kid who programs or a child who learn hunting/gathering through pretend play. Contrast that to an educational model of reception of information, children as consumers (tik-tok) or as app eater. (see also piano not stereo, read-write medium, pavese on construction)

privilege the feminin not the masculin. 2/3 women 1/3 men in groups ? roberte hamayon anthropology and masculin privilege

rachel / michael gurstein canada community of practices

design without

thread on LibrePlanet

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